How To Fix “Text Too Small To Read” Error In 24hrs

Today in this article, I’ll be sharing with you how I was able to fix “TEXT TOO SMALL TO READ” in Google Search Console. This was achieved within 24hrs with simple line of code.

In fact, whether your site is built with WordPress or any other site builder, you may likely to face this issue.

besides, the issues comes in three different types

These are;

  • Text too small to read
  • Clickable element too close together
  • Content wider than screen
Text too small to read error

How To Fix “Text Too Small To Read”

To fix this issues, some line of Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) code are needed.

In fact, it is important to know why these issues need to be solved. Generally, Google value and prioritize mobile friendly sites and this has a role to play in site ranking on Search Engines.

Furthermore, responsive sites across all gadget are considered as sites with good user experience by Google crawler.

That said;

Let’s me show you exactly how I solve these issues with no step skipped.

Text Too Small To Read

Text too small to read is generally caused when your font-size is to small.

Moreover, if site content are small, it affects mobile users experience. Considering that fact that most of your audience are from mobile, Google would make sure issues like this are avoided to improve users experience across mobile devices.

How to fix it (In WordPress sites)


  • Click Appearance
  • Click Customize
  • Click Additional CSS
  • And past this CSS code
body{ font-size:22px; }

How to fix Clickable element too close together

In fact, from the name “clickable element too close together” you should know that it’s about buttons or navigational links.

In addition, Google specify that this issue is m mostly caused if “touch elements, such as buttons and navigational links, are so close to each other that a mobile user cannot easily tap a desired element with their finger without also tapping a neighboring element.”

Most times, this can be solved by spacing your text element as show below:

How to fix it (In WordPress)


  • Go to Appearance
  • Click Customize
  • Go to Additional CSS
  • Add the following line of code inside the CSS body tag you earlier open above

Lastly, after adding the above code, you should have;

body{ font-size:22px; font-height:2.5px; }
How to fix text too close to read

If the issue persist after 24hrs or 48hrs of inserting the above line of code, then, try to space your buttons and navigation bars.

How Fix Content Wider Than Screen (In WordPress)

This problem only occur when either your image or text requires horizontal scroll to display hidden text or image.

This happens when pages use absolute values in CSS declarations, or use images designed to look best at a specific browser width (such as 980px). Google support group

In fact, this is very easy to solve just like “text too small to read” and clickable element are too close together.

How to fix (In WordPress)


Check if the page doesn’t define viewpoint property.

Viewpoint property

This can be checked by pressing Crtl + U on windows or Command + U on Mac. If the viewpoint property is stated as shown above, then fixing “TEXT TOO SMALL TO READ and CLICKABLE ELEMENT TOO CLOSE TOGETHER will automatically solve CONTENT WIDER THAN SCREEN”.

Lastly, after fixing or inserting all the codes, go ahead to validate each of the issues on Google search console. Most time you receive a feedback with 24hrs or 48hrs if the issues are fixed or not.

All the details provided in this article are exactly how I my issues in 24hrs as show in the above picture.

In conclusion, if you find this article helpful, leave a comment and share with friends.

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